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Public Opinion Polling and Surveys Department


The Primary Goal Of The Public Opinion Polling and Surveys Department: 


Ensuring the measurement of the outlook of public opinion and the assessment of the performance of successive Jordanian governments, conducting studies and surveys of different local, regional, and international issues accurately, objectively, and impartially, and to put these data and results in the service of decision makers to enhance decision making capacity using an objective scientific approach.


Main Tasks of the Department:


1. Preparation and implementation of surveys and public opinion polls locally, in the Arab world, and internationally in various areas in both the private and public sectors including: the measure of democracy, elections, human rights in Jordan, and other surveys in response to local, regional, and international requests.


2. Following scientific principles and methodologies as well as sophisticated research methods to evaluate and analyze public research opinion and conducting surveys in order to institutionalize local community participation in the development process and to make rational decisions based on the high quality and precise results of surveys.


3. Implementing surveys by:


     Identifying problems that require knowledge of public opinion.

     Determining how to recognize public opinion, determining the analysis methods and the methods to implement surveys, whether in the form of personal interviews a telephone poll, or otherwise, and to determine the necessary budget.

     Designing forms according to the nature and requirements of the study, its objectives, and its target groups in coordination with the concerned authority and in precise language.

     Designing samples and determining the size and space or community groups to be covered in the sutdy, whether in a national sample that requires field visits or a leader’s sample that requires work by phone (political parties, university professors, superior state officials, etc.), and securing samples by taking into account the distribution of samples by province or by the requirements of the poll or survey.

     Determining the number of observers or part time researchers wanted, and selecting and recruiting work for these projects.

     Developing an action plan for the implementation process including workplace surroundings, functions for the observers and researchers in order to work in a highly professional manner that is organized.

     Defining teams for a field project as required by the objectives and providing them with forms, maps, and other needed tools.

     Overseeing field surveys and the statistical data in accordance with how the data is collected and the means of transport and communication, and receiving the forms to ensure they are compiled before leaving the field.

     Reviewing and classifying compiled data and entering it using modern scientific methods and a computer.


4. Statistical analysis of the data using appropriate statistical software and drawing conclusions, organizing, coordinating the relevant information with technology in order to design an entry program, and enduring the artistic design of the form.


5. Providing objective information based on scientific methodology and putting the data and results of the survey in the service of researchers to enhance decision making power based on an objective scientific approach.


6. Sharing experiences with local, Arab, and international research centers.


7. Promoting the culture of public opinion in Jordanian society at all levels, and enhancing the confidence of citizens in its importance.


8. Providing an integrated database of national samples or samples of opinion  leaders to serve as a detailed map of the reality of Jordanian society and so the process of planning benefit.


9. Preparation of periodical reports on the achievements of the program.



The Department consists ofthe following Divisions:

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