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Studies and Policies


The Department of Studies and Policies supervises over the adjunct research and policy programs for the department, ensuring that studies, research, and seminars are held efficiently and effectively on fields, challenges, and issues that are of relevance to economics, politics, society, gender, political parties, security, and the region that face the Jordanian economy and policy makers as coincide with the purposes of the center on national and regional levels.


Primary Tasks of The Department of Studies and Policies:


1. Supervising over the execution of programs for the department by supervising the efficiency and accuracy of preparing academic studies, research, and reports on different fields, challenges, and issues of relevance to economics, politics, society, gender, political parties, security, and the region, and that are included with the center on national and regional levels.


2. Supervising over the process of strengthening communication and cooperation between the center, the public sector, the private sector, economic research establishments, other universities, and cells of local, regional, and international thought.


3. Ensuring effective events that support the department like conferences, workshops, seminars, and visits in fields that are relevant to the department.


4. Ensuring that strategic books are prepared in different fields that the department persues.


5. Spreading awareness of Jordanian public opinion on important economic issues in the world, particularly in Jordan and the Arab world.


6. Drawing research projects to the center linked to the department’s secondary programs which are possibly domestically or nationally financed, and placing the required projects and programs.


7. Supervising the preparation of periodicals issued by the center.



The Department consists of the following divisions:

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