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Message from CSS Director


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                                              Dr. Musa Shteiwi



I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Center for Strategic Studies, the first academic research center at the University of Jordan. Established in 1984, CSS is one of the important research centers in Jordan.


The steps the center has taken in the last two decades were big ones, and it has achieved a leading position among other national, regional, and international centers.


Now is the day to continue the center’s research in light of political economic and social challenges on several levels: local, regional, and international. A day that passes social, economic, and political developments which are necessary to promote scientific research and to extend more effort, tending to the maintenance of this honorable distinction.


This website will represent an electronic bridge between the center, the Jordanian community, the world, establishments, and individuals by publishing news and what else is on the site. It will be possible for web surfers to access the results of the research, studies, and opinion polls that the center runs after completion and publishing, so researchers in various fields of knowledge and different regions will be able to benefit from the information and in depth analyses.


The center assumed a leading position among research centers in Jordan and the Arab region, and is an established member in every organ of EUROMED, The Arab Institute for Studies and Communication, and The European Institute for Economic Studies. The center enjoys business relations with regional and global research universities and centers.


The University of Jordan is striving to transform into a global and a research university simultaneously. Therefore, the Center for Strategic Studies took on the responsibility to devote all of its capacities and capabilities to play a key role in placing the major bricks to build a global and a research university, and to continue researching and tending to what the center began two decades ago.


As the center will continue the communicative approach that it has utilized all these years, it will regularly host a vast number of politicians, policy makers, and experts in order to contribute to a better understanding of local and international issues as well as current issues in Jordan and the region such as the Arab Spring and its repercussions. It will also continue to hold lectures and seminars that concern the local community and enrich the center’s studies.


The center also will continue its role of conducting studies and research of interest to the community and that interact with their issues. The center strives to achieve its goal of becoming a pioneer in the region by achieving greater accomplishments and continuing to do its job efficiently and excellently, enhancing its competitiveness with other prestigious centers.


A new structure for the center was created, reflecting the response to emerging needs and evolution of the center. The center will, in the coming period, attract a number of researchers in different disciplines, and work on scholarships to young researchers to complete their studies in universities around the world.

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